Things To Know Before You Replace A Garage Door Spring

Things To Know Before You Replace A Garage Door Spring

The torsion springs are located above the door when it is closed and the extension springs run along the side of the horizontal tracks.

Without torsion springs, garage doors are dead weight, and it takes an enormous effort to lift them and keep the upward momentum until the door rolls over the frame.

By using larger springs, you can, in most cases, quadruple your spring life while only doubling the cost of the springs.

While an extension spring extends to perform its function, torsion springs use torque to perform its function.

Like the breaks in a car, the springs are usually the first thing that breaks and needs to be replaced, but when replaced, it can last another 10,000 cycles or more.

The cost of replacing garage door springs in Lubbock County can range from $140 to $390, depending on the model.

A garage door spring tune-up takes 10 to 15 minutes per door.

AKR Lubbock garage door repair professionals adjust the tracks, springs, and other components—often without replacing parts.

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