Same Day Off Track Garage Door Repair in Lubbock

What to Do When Your Garage Door is Off Track

For whatever reason, your garage door has come off the track. We are sure you are tempted to grab a pair of pliers and put it back on, but before your door is completely beyond repair, we ask that you call a garage door technician. Trust us, you don’t want to open the door manually and have it fall on you. This is something you’ll want to take care of right away, not only because the door can be a safety hazard to you and your family, but with the door off track, the garage door is no longer secure and it is easier for people to break into your home. Call us now for emergency service to get your garage door back on track.

Why Did My Garage Door Come Off Track

The garage door system is continuously under a tremendous amount of tension, and it doesn’t take much like an object that gets caught in the garage doorway or inside the track to cause problems. In addition, worn-out garage door springs or a system that is not correctly maintained can cause the garage door system to lose tension and come off the track.

Garage Door Come Off Track

Misaligned tracks: This usually happens when the bolts holding the horizontal tracks get loose and causes the bracket to wobble. Heavy Use: There are many pieces that move whenever you open or close your garage door. There is the garage door roller, spring system, bolts holding the track in place. All of these can start to come loose over thousands of times of opening and closing your garage door. If you use your garage door more than your front door to your home, which many people do if they are driving, you would be surprised how quickly these in and outs add up!

Dirt and Debris Buildup: We are sure you spend plenty of time sweeping and otherwise tidying up your garage so it is as clean as the inside of your home, but whoever thinks to wipe down the garage door tracks on the ceiling over their heads? It’s not something you should feel bad about not doing, and in fact, not something that you should be doing yourself anyway unless you are an expert. Depending on how high your ceiling is in your garage, it might not even be safe for you to climb up and start poking around. That’s why

Preventative Maintenance for Your Track

Whether you are calling us for preventative maintenance so your garage door won’t come off its track, or after the fact when we need to put it back on, we’ll cover the following steps

Track Inspection: The first thing we’ll do is inspect your garage door track system to see if we notice anything out of the usual that could cause you problems down the road. Part of our preventative maintenance package is to take care of problems before they arise to save you time and money.

rack Alignment and Adjustment: Keeping your track aligned is the number one way to keep your garage door opening and closing smoothly. We have state of the art tools to measure and adjust your track so it works perfectly and feels as good as new.

Track Cleaning & Lube: We’ll clean your track so debris don’t build-up that can cause problems like we mentioned earlier. We’ll also properly lubricate all relevant pieces of equipment to prevent rust and ensure your garage opens quietly every time.

As garage door experts, we will determine what caused the problem and how to assemble the intricate parts correctly.

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