The Best Garage Door Repair & Installation in Lubbock

The Best Garage Door Repair & Installation in Lubbock

AKR Garage Door has the best technicians that provide you with the best service for all of your garage door repairs and installation of new doors (which we are happy to do whether or not you purchase your new garage door from us).

How Do I Know If My Garage Door Needs Repairs?

There is the obvious answer that your garage door needs to be repaired because it suddenly won’t open or close, but there are also more subtle clues that it is time to bring in an expert. For example, does your garage door make annoying noises when it opens or closes? This could be an issue with the door opener, or it could be a serious problem caused by a broken wheel or misaligned panels causing friction on the rails when your door opens or closes. If left unchecked, it could cause your door to go off track and compromise the safety of your family. It’s better to bring in an expert now to make this simple repair than to wait until something really goes wrong.

We come highly recommended in all areas of garage door repair:

  •   Broken or loose garage door springs
  •   Broken or frayed cables
  •   Bent or broken casters
  •   Damaged door sections
  •   Bent rails
  •   Adjustments or replacements of components

Whatever your request, our garage door repair service promises that when we are done your garage door will be opening and closing like it was new.

At A.K.R Garage Door, our technicians enjoy repairing your garage door and giving you the feeling that it is brand new. Not only will they put your garage door back in place, but they’ll also align the door system, check the spring tension, and do the maintenance required to keep it in the best possible condition, given the age of your door.

Other Reasons You May Need Your Garage Door Repaired:

  •   It closes badly or doesn’t close fully
  •   Stops before reaching the door threshold
  •   A window is broken or won’t close right (this can lead to high heating and cooling costs for your home)
  •   Does not reverse with mechanical or photo-electric reversing mechanism

24 Hour Emergency Garage Door Repair Service

Have an emergency with your garage door? Don’t spend time getting angry or worrying, simply contact A.K.R Garage Door! Our garage door repair services quickly resolve problems with quality and your safety in mind.

Quality Garage Door Intallation

We are committed to providing unrivaled service and superior products to our customers. This is the reason why we install the best garage doors and why we invest a great deal of time in training our technicians. Our team is highly qualified and we know everything there is to know about the sale, installation and repair of garage doors.

When you work with us for your garage door installation, we’ll help you with every step of the way:

  •   We’ll help you find the best new garage door for your home or business that looks perfect and fits perfectly in your budget
  •   We offer free advice and consultation over the phone.
  •   We will remove and take away your old garage door
  •   We’ll install every aspect of your new garage door – from tracks to cables to the opener and even help you set up your new remote controls.
  •   We won’t leave until your door is working perfectly. We’ll also talk to you about how to properly maintain your new door, what steps you can take yourself, and when you should contact us for preventative maintenance.

Having your door installed right the first time isn’t only a convenience for you, it will save you trouble down the road of having to deal with a company that tried to cut corners and save time and money. Or, the embarrassment if you did it yourself of realizing you caused more problems than it was worth. Remember – time is money! Our professionals can install most garage doors in a few hours and clean up the mess! How long will it take you to do it yourself?