Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement

The Best Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement in Lubbock

Your garage door opener is as essential to the security of your garage as the door itself. If your opener doesn’t work properly, it can at best leave you frustrated that you can’t get your car into or out of the garage, and at worse, leave you home vulnerable to break-ins. That is why we hope you will call us at AKR Garage Doors when you need a new garage door opener installed or your old one repaired.

You might need your garage door opener repaired or replaced if it has any of the following symptoms: suddenly starts making weird noises, opens or closes by itself, will not respond to any remote control. We value our integrity and your trust, so we promise, that we will never suggest you need to install a new opener when you can simply repair your old one.

At AKR Garage Door we offer you a great experience, friendly prices, and come highly recommended by your friends and neighbors. Call us today for your free consultation and to get one step closer to your perfectly working garage door.

Best Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement

Why Isn't My Garage Opener Working?

Do you find yourself asking ‘Why won’t my garage door opener close?’ You’re not alone. The frequency of how often you use your garage door makes it one of the most active pieces of equipment pieces in your home, and therefore prone to breaking.

Garage door openers are made up of many parts: a motor, logic boards like in your computer or smartphone, belts and chains, safety beams, rails, wall stations, remotes, keypads, and more. With so many different components, it can be hard for you to identify which is the culprit causing your garage door opener to stop working. Our team of highly trained professionals knows how to very quickly identify the problem and fix the broken part.

If you have experienced issues with your opener, call our team who will be happy to come out anywhere in the Lubbock area and take a look at it. We provide maintenance services and professional repair services, in addition to the installation of new door openers, even if you didn’t purchase them with us.

How Do I Know Which Garage Door Opener I Need?

You don’t have to worry about researching the various garage door options, we know all of that information and can show you which openers are best for your budget. We listen to what our customers need and offer a variety of options that will work great for their garage door.

The only thing you need to do before calling us is to consider your budget, how you use your garage door (frequently like a front door or only occasionally), and anything unique we should know about your garage and home (like the baby’s room is right above the garage opener motor). We take all of the confusing guesswork out of researching your options and will install your opener with a smile. Call or contact us today about your garage door opener repair or replacement.

How Do I Know I Need a New Opener?

As mentioned above, because there are so many pieces, there are so many things that can go wrong! But, in general, there are usually 3 main reasons you may need to give up on your old opener and buy a new one:

  •   Unusual Noises – Unless you’ve purchased a special ultra-quiet garage door opener, it’s going to make some noise when it opens or closes. However, if after operating for months or years making a certain noise, suddenly starts sounding very loud, or just sounds like something is wrong, we recommend you call a technician ASAP to take a look before something worse happens.
  •   Your Garage Door Opener is REALLY Old– We firmly believe in using something until it’s done. If you like holding onto old things until you get every ounce of use out of it, we support you! However, sometimes old versions of new technology just aren’t worth it anymore. Old openers won’t work with new remotes, are very loud, and lack the security and safety options that have advanced so much in the last few years.
  •   Unreliable or Opens Very Slowly – We all start to move a little slower with age, but your garage door opener should not be noticeably slower than when you first purchased it. If it is, there may be a part that needs to be replaced. If you are always crossing your fingers to see if your door will open all the way or close, well there is no way around it, you definitely need someone to look at what is wrong.